Eko Priharseno Collaborated with Elmes Union, a Japanese Door-Handle Brand and Habitus Concept

AEDI’s capacity to serve the local design market with international taste has driven Habitus Concept to select AEDI in conducting a special collaboration with Elmes Union, a Japan-based door handle company. From the collaboration, an anodized, aluminum-based door handle collection called Jakku was born. The collaboration happened throughout the pandemic period, proving that the productivity and creativity of AEDI are unbounded by mobility aspects. 


JAKKU itself means jack (or jungkit in Indonesian terms). Though a jack has been used since the Renaissance era, it’s a very helpful tool in the Indonesian life context. This very aspect was translated to a simple lever mechanism to create a modern and minimalistic design. Functionally, it allows maximum load with minimum effort and makes Jakku movement as easy as tapping a pencil with our fingers. It has also turned into the kind of design that’s distinctly AEDI’s. A design that puts forward function with a beautiful delivery. 


The Jakku minimalistic design is a representation of Japanese craftsmanship and philosophical approach, to becoming seamless with the personality of a space, of a user, and of a life. Though initially created for the Indonesian market, by putting functionality and beauty upfront, Jakku has the potential to appeal to the international taste. Thus have been agreed upon by Junzo Tateno, the President and Representative Director of Elmes Union, to be marketed worldwide. 


The JAKKU door handle comes with five contrasting color combinations and various ranges of wood finishing. The door handle is crafted in Tokushima Prefecture and anodized in Osaka, Japan, and it was launched in the same city in 2023. This collaboration is made successful with Habitus Concept, a door handle-focused retailer in Indonesia.