Casa Objet Design Covered in CASA Magazine

As a design bureau, AEDI is known for its functional and utilitarian interior residence design works. But more than that, AEDI’s works are what design is about at its core: to solve problems. It’s no different with one of AEDI’s latest interior residence projects named Casa Objet. Casa Objet lush and resort-like design aimed to answer a question: how can a house become a medium of access for the residents to themselves and their surroundings? 


The questions come from the needs of the residents to balance their connection with work/school place, family, and their personal needs. The Casa Objet, accomplished with an architect firm, Biroe, provides answers to that need through a home that boasts casual and informal attitudes. One of the ways to achieve this is by vigorously considering a social integration space in the house. The priority integration spaces for this family mean the kitchen, living room, and family room. These spaces are key to connecting the house between floors, between indoor and outdoor, and between different functions. 


The kitchen is one of the most important integration hubs in the house for the family residents and their social circle as the family takes cooking and baking very seriously. For that reason, we designed a kitchen warehouse behind the kitchen system and connected the dining table to the kitchen island with a T-shape layout. This arrangement blends the people in the area even though each is doing different activities. Moreover, to express the importance of the area, parts of its cabinet are stylishly covered with ALPI veneer designed by Piero Lissoni. Situated behind the living room and under the house void to the second floor, the kitchen serves as a social beacon to the house. 


That reason directs some of the furniture decisions in the living room. The sofa from Blackwood is specifically chosen for its low back to open the social flow between the living room and the kitchen and provide an additional casual “sitting” place on the backrest. Yet, cocooned by a U-shape sofa, accompanied by an artificial lightweight stone TV cabinet, the living room is an ecosystem of comfort that remains private, creating a place of its own despite the open layout.

The open layout always demands constant push and pull between interior and architectural elements because however much space people need, people always require a degree of privacy. The privateness of Casa Objet residential design is exercised with several camouflaging treatments, such as the extruded wall of the living room to conceal some view to the front door, the kitchen storage, and the window in rooms upstairs that opens to the second skin of the house. The overall privacy of the house creates a subspace that allows a harmonious connection of people who live in Casa Objet to their private social life and each of their passions. 

Besides a passion for food that catered beautifully in the kitchen, the Casa Objet residents are avid sports enthusiasts and a Bearbrick collector. For the latter, we designed several display media for the collection, one of them is the acrylic shelving on the first floor. The transparent quality of the Bearbrick shelves functioned as a way to disappear and let the collection come forward while allowing an even wash of lighting on the Bearbricks. 


Several important furniture and accessories pieces are custom designed by AEDI, such as the rugs, the starfruit leg dining table, and the artificial stone cabinet. But in AEDI we’re proud with our keen eyes for great design pieces from across the globe. We incorporate Bertoia lounge chairs from Knoll, VIPP bar stool, and dining chairs from Karimoku.


Seen as a refreshing work, the Casa Objet is elaborately covered in CASA Magazine Indonesia in its December 2023 edition. 


See more photos of the project here.