MOIEHAUS Magazine (Design Talks)

The idea of material that creates a design space. 

When creating MOIEHAUS, Eko (Founder & Design Director) and Audrey (Co-Founder) envision ideas on how to engage people, especially younger generations, to appreciate and have a fondness for designs. A playful space for people. 

Modernism and industrialism are the two elements that they implemented into the project, inspired by the infamous Bauhaus. For Eko and Audrey, MOIEHAUS is one of the most challenging and emotional projects of their careers, as this project assembles iconic products that they highly regard and are familiar with, from Vitra to Maruni. 

A unique fact about this project is that they use gratings as their key element, an element that is not often used in the design industry, then add polycarbonate to enhance the structure. This bold idea was out of their comfort zone nonetheless. It teaches people to think outside the box and create a remarkable space. 


This article was published in 2023 by MOIE in MOIEZINE VOL.2.