CASA Magazine “Crafted Comfort”

A gateway from the busy world to a warm, safe, and functional space. Like a cocoon that transforms its caterpillar into one beautiful butterfly. The choice of natural materials, such as local gray bricks and oak wood, not only adds a touch of warmth but also enriches the personality of the space.
The kitchen stands as the heart of this home. Given the family’s background in the grocery retail business, cooking and baking are not just activities but a way of life. We seek to craft a kitchen that not only facilitates culinary creativity but also becomes a place where hearts and minds come together to create hearty meals and lasting memories.
In addition to the kitchen, elements like the meticulously curated outdoor garden by Eshcol Green and vibrant collections of art pieces serve to further enhance the ambiance of the space.


This article was published in 2023 by CASA Magazine in Quiet Luxury.