Located next to a mesmerizing waterfall in Yogyakarta, a paradise has emerged. The client is an avid art collector; he wants a home that is inspired by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. This creates a challenge for us where we have to design a space that complements rather than competes with the artworks while maintaining a seamless connection with the natural surroundings. Mixing current and vintage furniture to add contrast texture. Harmony and unity are strongly expressed in each piece of furniture and artwork. 


To achieve this delicate balance, we curated a blend of contemporary and vintage furniture and strategically contrasted textures and forms to enhance the ambiance. Each piece harmonizes effortlessly with the curated artworks, fostering a sense of unity throughout the space. The result is a home where every corner tells a story, where art and nature converge in a celebration of beauty and creativity.


This article was published in 2020 by Design Anthology in Issue 25